hidden stop sign

Where’s the Stop Sign?

So my wife and son were driving home today when they smashed up the car pretty bad. They’re fine.

The car, not so much.


They were driving on 12th Avenue on Capitol Hill. It’s a road that’s part of my daily bike commute. A driver (new to the city) came up a side street and blew through the stop sign. While that’s hardly the most responsible approach to an uncertain intersection, it’s not like the stop sign was very easy to see.

In fact, the stop sign in question is in the photo above. Can you spot it?

While I try to always ride aware – and as far from the curb as possible to maximize my chances of avoiding a collision with someone running a stop sign or not seeing me – it’s a reminder of how much is out of our control out there.

But perhaps the city could also help by making sure our stop signs aren’t camouflaged quite so effectively.

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