Tuba Bike Trailer

Know what I’d like to see one of these Kickstarter bike accessory geniuses design? A set of fold-out arms for the back of my bike so I can occupy more space and maybe dissuade the idiots who insist on trying to pass me when I’m taking the lane. Weaving to block them is only so effective, you know.

Failing that, there’s the Tuba Bike Trailer. I’ve not tried a bike trailer yet, but I’ve grown increasingly fond of using my bike to run errands. For bigger loads, I use a combination of grocery bag panniers, backpacks and the MOATMB (Mother of All Timbuk2 Messenger Bags). The Tuba could simplify things; it aims to provide “the same level of convenience and spaciousness as a car’s trunk or backseat.” Not sure I could pull something this big uphill on my fixed gear, but man could you load a lot of groceries and beer in this baby.

Check the Tuba out on Kickstarter – and throw some support their way if you like the idea of moving more errands to pedal power.

2 thoughts on “Tuba Bike Trailer”

  1. Not used a cargo trailer, but I have a child carrying one that has covered many miles pulling either or both of our younger children.

    People really do give you more space when using one.

    Never tried with a fixie but did an 8 mile route with it with a single speed. Relativity flat I must admit.

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