This One Goes to 11 . . .

My “10 Rules for Urban Commuting” guest post over at Commute by Bike got a lot of heat in the comments.  Some thought it was spot on; others thought it was awful advice.   But I was struck by one curious and oft-repeated theme:  the idea that those who ride bikes should assiduously avoid breaking traffic rules, because doing so makes motorists think badly of us.

For those afflicted with this way of thinking, I offer Rule 11:

If your priority is being seen as a “cycling role model” by drivers, you should not ride in the city.


10 thoughts on “This One Goes to 11 . . .”

  1. I don’t bike. I run. I was recently in Seattle and running along the waterfront. Almost got plowed down by a biker. Based on your 11 rules list, I’m thinking there was a decent chance it was you who almost plowed me down!

  2. Well, I *have* had some close calls with pedestrians, but only when they’ve done something like running across the street without looking. I’m sure you didn’t do THAT . . .

  3. Please, get over yourself. If that’s the attitude you want to take, you’re doing all cyclists irreparable harm. Here iIn New York, a massive backlash against bike infrastructure has been almost entirely justified by cyclists’ lack of adherence to the law.

    In other words, if we follow your “10 Rules” and willfully break the law whenever we see fit, we can kiss our bike boxes, bike lanes, bike paths, and bike share programs goodbye.

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