The Low Relative Cost of Bike Repairs

I’m horrible at staying on top of bike maintenance.  It’s one of the reasons I moved to single-speed, and why I can have three bikes and still lose a day of riding due to mechanical issues.

I try to do a lot of my own maintenance and adjustments.  I can change a tire, and I’m pretty handy at swapping out pedals or wheels.  But I’m crap with the brakes (and if I had derailleurs, I’d be completely lost).  And I don’t clean my chain nearly often enough.

So when I finally get around to dropping my bike off at the shop for some much-needed deferred maintenance, I always find myself wondering why I hadn’t done it sooner.  The ride is so much better (and in the case of my latest repair, safer), and it’s peanuts compared to car repairs.  The latest work I had done was the automotive equivalent of a complete brake rebuild and front end alignment.  Cost, including parts, labor, and tax?  Less than $70.

(shout-out to The Bicycle Repair Shop.  It’s not the most convenient shop for my commute, but worth it – great guys and terrific service.  And a sweet dog.)

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