A Bird on a Dead Wolf

The Getty Open-Accesses Images

As an (occasional) blogger and avid reader of blogs, I love the use of images.  You may have noticed that I’ve started using various images I’ve taken via Instagram to illustrate my blog.

I also regularly do seminars for lawyers on the law of blogging.  And I always, always get someone who thinks it’s OK to just clip images off the web without thinking about copyright.

And these are lawyers.

So I was delighted to see that the Getty Museum has freed up some 4600 images of works from its collection for nearly-unfettered use.  Delighted because it gives bloggers an easy source of images, and delighted because the images include many wonderful pieces from the classical and medieval eras.

Expect to see them start getting sprinkled in here.  Many ancient themes are timeless, capable of expressing both existential angst AND frustration over potholes in Seattle’s shitty bike lanes.

Or something like that.  Anyway, above is A Bird on A Dead Wolf (page from an illuminated manuscript, about 1270), from the J. Paul Getty Museum.


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