More Cheap Fixies

Commute by Bike has a review of the low, low priced $219 (shipping included) Critical Cycles fixed-gear bike. It comes in lots of bright colors, and only one brake – which is inexplicably on the rear wheel. I’m guessing a healthy share of their focus groups quickly gave up fixed gear and flipped over to the freewheel hub.

The review didn’t specify the gearing setup, so I went and checked: and the Critical Cycles website doesn’t say.

Weird. Might be important to some people.

A reviewer on Amazon said the bike has a 48/16 setup, which if true would be pretty steep. Its likelier a 44/16, which isn’t bad. It’s what I ride on my rain bike, and roughly equivalent to the 48/18 on my primary ride. It’s a ratio that will serve in most situations. If the place you live is hillier and you feel tempted to lighten it up, it’s probably better to consider whether fixed gear is really for you. At least once every few weeks, legs flying as I go down Pine Street, I ask whether I wouldn’t be happier flipping back to a single-speed freewheel. But so far I haven’t.

So whaddaya think – who’s up for dropping a couple hundred bucks on what appears to be a serviceable, if garish, fixed gear bike? Probably a better choice, even at twice the price, than these $99 Walmart beauties.

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