Make Your Own Bike Box

Sure, Seattle has now added a few bike boxes, but until we get more, you’ve got to be ready to make your own.  How?  Ride through traffic to the front of the line and plop in front of the lead car at the front end of the crosswalk. Presto – instant bike box!

Not recommended for every intersection, but it’s great on one-way streets like WB Pine, where three lanes of cars are constantly switching lanes and diving into right or left turns.  Far better to be in front of that traffic than trying to navigate from behind or in the midst of it.

2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Bike Box”

  1. Got here from your more recent post, but figured it makes more sense to comment on this one. I’ve made my own bike boxes (especially when riding with my less confident partner), and there have been a few times where a car will actually cross into the oncoming lane in order to “go around me” to make their right-turn-on-red.
    A little paint would’ve helped them realize, we’re allowed to be there, and their actions were illegal.

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