Cycling Death at the Olympics

News today that a cyclist died in a collision with a media bus at the London Olympics.  As told in this very affecting eyewitness account from Reddit, it was a left-hook rollover (the equivalent of a right-hook here in the states).

It’s a horrible thing, and something of an epidemic in the UK.  A study of London cycling deaths found that less-aggressive riders are actually at greater risk of death: Unwilling to take the lane, they will pull up to an intersection at the curb – putting them in position to be crushed when a larger vehicle that can’t see them makes a turn.  I see this riding behavior all the time on my commute, but fortunately Seattle’s infrastructure is not as dense as London’s and there’s usually someplace to escape to.

This video graphically illustrates the danger of hanging in the curbside blind spot (and don’t worry; no cyclists were harmed in the making of the video):



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