Corporate Pansies

Few things set my teeth on edge like all of the “Big Game” ads around the Super Bowl.  It’s like a badge of shame; it might was well scream “we’re a bunch of pussies” or “fine, we just let the lawyers run our marketing department.”

The thing that just happened was the SUPER BOWL.  Super. Bowl.  Say it slowly:  SUUUPPPEEER BBBOOOWWWL.

Yes, the NFL can be heavy-handed with its (typically frivolous and empty) lawsuit threats over the use of the name SUPER BOWL.  But it’s not the “Big Game” or whatever other lame euphemism you want to use.  It’s the SUPER BOWL.  And every advertiser in the country has a first amendment right to refer to it by name.

If you’re a lawyer representing one of these companies, next year do us all a favor: strap on your big boy pants, quit the hand-wringing, and go out and proudly call the thing by its intended name.

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