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Nuts at Nutella

I’ve posted before about trademark bullying. It’s a classic example of letting legal process take precedence over good business judgment – and it illustrates starkly why it’s often a bad idea for a company to give their lawyers too much leeway.

The latest entrant in the trademark bullying hall of shame? Nutella, whose lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter to a Boston smoothie joint for having the temerity to note on their menu that a certain smoothie contained the delicious chocolate-and-hazelnut concoction.

Which they’d been selling for 14 years, no doubt buying thousands of dollars’ worth of Nutella over that period, and driving free viral marketing for the brand.

So yes, by all means let’s make them stop that.

Clint Eastwood bashes Attorneys?

OK, I love Clint Eastwood as an actor, and while his speech last night as the RNC was a bit strange (I suspect that “having a conversation with an empty chair” will be the meme of the year) I found it humorous and endearing.

It struck me, however, that Clint called for a “businessman” in the White House rather than a lawyer – due to the fact that lawyers are “so busy.”

Two issues with this: First, Romney, like Obama, possesses a law degree. And neither man has spent any meaningful portion of their career practicing law. And second, as any recent law school graduate can tell you, many attorneys are far, far from busy.