Brain Donors

My experiment with riding fixed gear has made me more attuned to other fixed gear riders. I don’t usually see too many, but yesterday I had 3 separate sightings as I chugged up Pine Street out of downtown. None of them had brakes. None of them were wearing helmets. Two had earbuds in.

Oh, and it was raining.

Look, I am certainly growing to appreciate the skill and technique it takes to stop a fixed gear bike without brakes. It’s chaotic, but elegant if done correctly (and I’m a looong way from getting there). But it’s also pure affectation. And on a hill where it’s easy to go 25 MPH while descending, a potentially lethal one.

Is there a plausible defense of brakeless fixie riding other than “fashion statement!”

One thought on “Brain Donors”

  1. Brakeless and no helmet is a horrible combo in my opinion. Seems like a “fashion statement”. I’m always coming down hard on myself for not wearing a helmet, but I at least have brakes.

    When I was little I use to take my brakes off of my BMX bike because I thought it was cool and it made my bike lighter.

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