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Bike Notes – October 2013

  • I walked around downtown Louisville at the beginning of the month and was stunned to see that the city has beaten Seattle to the punch with bike share – and no silly bike helmet vending machines (and +1 for being the heartland of bourbon).




Unfortunately, Louisville also has some Angry Birds.


The definition of a New Yorker is not “when walking, ignores lights.”  It’s “when walking, knows what’s up.”  It’s not ignoring the lights, it’s knowing that you know better than the lights.

Truer words, etc.  It’s knowing that you know better than the lights – which is how you have to ride in the city, if you want to stay safe.  It’s also how you should walk, but most Seattle pedestrians take after Delia Ephron and blithely wander about and then look around slackjawed when they almost get run down.

And that’s not when they’re minding the lights.  Nobody jaywalks here – or at least you’d think so from the amount of stinkeye I get whenever I do it.  I think the aggressive obeying-of-street-lights may contribute to the pedestrian ineptness.  It’s as if the requirement to obey the lights frees the peds up from critical thinking, so they go when the light is green, stop when the light is red, and walk out into any crosswalk without looking first because it’s their right to walk there.

  • The first segment of the Broadway Bikeway – Capitol Hill’s first – is now open.  It’s not on my regular commute route, but I checked it out on the ride yesterday.  Nice ride, complete with bright green paint on driveways, some spots with actual curb separation, and bike lights at the intersection.  This is what real bike infrastructure is all about.  Or will be, as soon as drivers learn to not park in it.




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