Bicycle Overdesign

So, this “Seattle” bike won some sort of bike contest for the “Ultimate Urban Bike” and is going into production.  While it’s vaguely cool looking, at least in a “Breaking Away” meets “Aliens” sort of way, it’s just another piece of evidence showing that bicycle design reached its evolutionary limits in the 1960’s.


Sure, there are performance improvements and useful add-ons to make.  But when you starting compromising the handlebars by having them double as a lock, and replacing perfectly adequate fenders with some sort of crazy brush system that you KNOW is going to underperform and get clogged with junk, and adding another inverted triangle to the headtube geometry just because you can, you’ve gone beyond expanding the vernacular into design for design’s sake.

And I bet that headlight is WAY too bright for riding in the city.


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