Aloha Means Goodbye

I don’t know what it is about the stretch of Aloha Street eastbound from 19th to 23rd Avenues. There’s a four-way stop at 19th. A light and “T” intersection at 23rd. Two schools (St. Joe’s; Holy Names). A single narrow lane in each direction. For whatever reason, this stretch seems to be the epicenter – indeed, the Hellmouth – of anti-bike behavior on my commute. Downtown? Pike Street? 12th Avenue? I hardly ever have issues. But this scant stretch of Aloha, which I only travel on for 2-3 blocks . . . I’ve been tailgated, honked at, flipped off, passed on the right and passed on the left.

I take the lane, but it’s THREE BLOCKS. And they’re short blocks. And I ride through there at close to 20 mph. I have no idea why so many of the drivers on this stretch are such asshats.

Sure, it looks peaceful . . .

I could avoid this stretch of Aloha, but the alternate route has less visibility. Plus, this is my neighborhood, for christsakes.

One thought on “Aloha Means Goodbye”

  1. ha!

    try crossing 10th-ave-e when traveling westbound on e-aloha toward braodway-e (where it reads “do not enter” but is also posted “except bicycles”) enough times and you will have people swerve at you head-on while screaming something to the effect “…it is one-way for everyone!!!”.

    of course, it is not a one-way street and the bicycle exception has been there for years. actually stopped and “educated” a motorist once and he was apologetic after looking in vain for the one-way-street sign(s).

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