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Reasons I Didn’t Ride, 2013 Edition

I tried Strava in 2013, but the novelty of it wore off – and it’s no substitute for tracking data in excel (probably safer, too, as I’m no longer competing against my top time for the “12th Avenue Bump” when riding home).

In any event, here’s how 2013 shaped up:

  • Days Ridden: 176.  That’s actually slightly better than last year, but still well below my goal of 200 days ridden.
  • Business Travel: 36.  The biggest category cutting into my bike commutes – the 50,000 or so miles I flew this year had to exact a toll somewhere.
  • Family: 17.  Not so bad, considering kids starting high school, football games, family events out, etc.
  • Vacation: 13.  Wow, I can’t believe I only took 13 days of vacation.  Sad.
  • Social: 4.  Or should we call that “anti-social?”  Although in my defense I was much better this year about riding my bike to happy hour and other get-togethers.

I missed one day due to a poorly-scheduled dental appointment, and one day to weather (an inch of snow during the morning commute earlier this month).  All in all, a good year.  I’m convinced the stress-busting benefits of riding (particularly the single-speed uphill ride at the end of each day) is what’s keeping me from missing any rides – or days of work – due to illness.

Here’s looking at 200 days ridden in 2014!

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