New PDW Rack

Besides switching over from single-speed to fixed-gear commuting, I’ve added on this cool Portland Design Works Payload Rear Rack with Bamboo Deck (See all Bike Components)

It was a cinch to install (despite having to use the seatstay clamps rather than the braze-ons, given the location of my rear brake) and looks very sharp. Functionality is probably slightly less than a standard rack, given the double-layer tube, and it’s pretty heavy. However, it’s got some well-thought out slots for latching a cargo net, and I’m not exactly concerned about shaving a few ounces off my ride – especially when a rack looks this nice.

Things I’ve packed home on the rack this week:

5 lbs of ribeyes
Big bag of clothes
18 eggs
2 bottles of bourbon


Justice is Served

Yesterday, for the first time ever, a bird pooped on me while I was riding. It was a fully-loaded bird, its offering glancing off my helmet and splattering all over my shoulder. And it happened near the beginning of my ride home, so I got to clamber up Pine with bird poop running down my arm.

It being June in Seattle, I was wearing rain gear, but still.

Anyway, on my ride in I always scatter a bunch of feathered rats pigeons that the nutters on Third Avenue insist on feeding. This morning, of all mornings, I FINALLY ran one over. Its wing crunched under my front wheel, and even got caught in the fender for a moment. All told, an oddly satisfying experience.

I’m sure his fellows had him for lunch, pigeons being as they are.