Reasons I Didn’t Ride – 2014

2014 was my seventh year of bike commuting, and despite a lot of business travel (I hit MVP status on Alaska before mid-year) I had my third-highest number of bike commuting days, with 187 on the year.

So what accounted for the days I didn’t ride?

  •  Business: As usual, the top category. Traveling for business means no bike commute to work, and it took out a whopping 36 days (which, weirdly, was actually exactly the same number of days as last year).
  • Vacation: Despite taking an awesome hiking trip to Scotland with my son, brother and Dad, I only took 16 days of vacation on the year. The only number on this list I’m looking to increase . . .
  • Family: Now that my kids are fully ensconced in high school, family-related business only preempted riding 7 times.
  • Illness: Being too sick to ride sucks, and it cost me a record-high 5 days in 2014 (after missing zero days for illness in 2013).
  • Other: Social stuff kept me off the bike for another 4 days. However, unlike years past, neither weather nor mechanical issues cost me a single day of riding in 2014.

With my travel schedule, it’s hard to see hitting 200 rides in a year again. Nonetheless, as 2015 begins, that number is once again my goal.

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